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Diversity and inclusion are one of the true foundations of our service and will continue to be at the heart of what we do.

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Our sustainable goals.

At Oyster Care, we’re passionate about empowering individuals with disabilities to thrive. Our goals is to be more than just a service provider; we’re committed to building a community that fosters independence, confidence, and a sense of belonging.

Good Health & Well-Being

Quality Education

Gender Equality

Decent Work & Economic Growth

Reduced Inequalities

Climate Action

Working with communities

Oyster Care foundation kicks off with a 4-pronged strategy: inclusivity & Empowerment, person-centered care, Independence, and health promotion and education. Mastering these pillars is key to achieving the strategic goals

Inclusivity & Empowerment

Ensure that Australians with disabilities are afforded comprehensive opportunities and empowered to utilise their full potential.

Personal - Centered Care

Build the capability and capacity of Oyster Care foundation to tailor support our people.

Empowering Independence

Fostering self-confidence, providing resources, and creating opportunities that enable individuals to take control of their lives nad make informed decisions.

Health Promotion & Education

We empower individuals and communities for well-being through education, prevention, and informed choices.

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Our Focus and Priority Areas

First nations inclusion in our strategic plan

We have established partnerships with Elders, community organisations, ACCOS’s on the shared journey towards delivering culturally apporpriate and accessible NDIS services and programs for Aboriginal communities.

Regional NSW inclusion and program delivery

Establish a strong foundation in regional NSW, delivering disability services through partnerships, starting with Far West Orana NSW, with offices in Dubbo NSW and Bourke NSW, and reaching out to Moree NSW.

Advocacy for people with disabilities

Empower Australians living with disabilities through advocacy programs and workshops. We achieve this with accessible support services across NSW, regional inclusion, and having cultural appropriateness in our advocacy.

Working with communities

Cultural Diversity

We value the contributions of First Nations people. We commit to learning culture connection to country, partnering, and creating a truly inclusive organisation. 

First nation inclusion

with the help of OTAC, Oyster Care Foundation aims to improve the lives of Aboriginal communities in regional NSW by partnering with various organizations to deliver effective programs.

Gender Diversity

We believe diversity drives innovation. Our commitment to gender equity ensures everyone has the opportunity to contribute and reach their full potential. 

LGBTI Community Inclusion

We celebrate rainbow diversity! No matter your identity, expression, or background, you belong here. 

People with Disability

We celebrate every ability! No matter your needs, you’re welcome and valued here. 

Causes and Campaigns

Through campaigns and advocacy, we fight for a world where everyone’s voice is heard and valued. 

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First Nations Inclusions

The goal of indigenous inclusion is not to try to indigenise every program or to have the most knowledge or books read. It involves establishing settings that encourage partnerships. It’s about making a place where people may learn, explore, heal, and interact with a community that has long been disregarded by the state and the majority of society. Most importantly, it’s about imparting knowledge to the next generation so they can improve and grow from the mistakes of the past.

Across Australia, our engagement professionals establish relationships with our participants. We communicate what is changing and keep them updated on what’s going on in the system and, most importantly, we listen. We rely information and have advisory meetings, disability expos, and online awareness, we communicate with people from all across the nation. The feedbacks we receive are relayed back to guide projects aimed at improving our plan and services.

Voice for people with disability advocacy

Supporting disabled persons may also entail promoting inclusiveness while collaborating with other regional groups, whether or not disabled people are present. People with disabilities may experience emotions of fatigue or withdraw from community engagement as a result of the weight of education and advocacy.

Community-based groups can carry some of that burden if they can identify with and comprehend these emotions. While organisations could offer community members educational materials to learn more about persons with disabilities, it’s crucial that they refrain from taking ownership of or power over the experience of having a disability. They shouldn’t assume to know what is best for the disabled people in their community.

Listening is the first and most important step in amplifying the voices of individuals with disabilities.

Oyster Care Strategic Plan

Oyster Care believes communities thrive when individuals are empowered. Our strategic plan targets underprivileged individuals, offering skills training and opportunities for personal growth. We prioritize NSW communities, with a focus on reconciliation, closing the gaps for First Nations Australians, and aligning with UN Sustainable Development Goals for health, education, economic growth, and reducing inequalities.

What does the Plan  Include: 

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