Looking For a Plan Management

Participating in the NDIS journey can confuse those trying to access it as they go on with the journey.

Looking for a Plan Management

Participating in the NDIS journey can confuse those trying to access it as they go on with the journey. At Oyster Care, we have NDIS plan managers who understand how challenging it can be to manage your NDIS plan. By giving you a simple way to pay your invoices on time and keep track of your budget and expenditures, we help you take charge of your NDIS plan. We try to help you and give you more time to enjoy life to the fullest. Less hassle, less stress!

I'm looking for a Plan Manager who cares about the detail.

At OysterCare, we have a team of committed NDIS plan management providers ready to handle the bookkeeping of your finances and handle as much or as little administration as you prefer. 

By hiring a plan manager who cares about your needs and preferences, you’ll have more time and energy to spend on essential things.

We use our extensive industry knowledge and our broad network of highly rated providers to assist you maximise your support when it comes to coordinating disability support providers.

Comprehensive support services tailored to your needs

This is the headingYour Plan Manager Will Pay All Providers

We help pay your registered and unregistered providers to expand the range of support available to you.

Reimburse Supports Quickly

We assist you in managing your NDIS budget & quickly reimburse supports whenever convenient for you.

Accept NDIS Provider Invoices

We accept your NDIS provider payables and provide you with plan tracker invoices so you can stress less.

We accept your NDIS provider payables and provide you with plan tracker invoices so you can stress less.

We have the capacity and extended hours to serve clients and answer calls about payments.

Report Regularly Regarding Your NDIS Plan

We put you in control by sending regular reports about your NDIS budgeting and balances to keep you updated.

Accept NDIS Provider Invoices

We give you a comprehensive guide and genuine advice to keep you on top of your NDIS payments and fund management.

How does Plan Management work

What is plan management for NDIS? Plan management is a “financial intermediary” help in the simplest definition. Accordingly, each NDIS plan manager is a conduit between an NDIS participant, service providers, and the NDIA.

NDIS plan management uses a third party to contact service providers on your behalf and pay debts. Plan managers for NDIS will obtain and pay invoices sent to them by participants or directly from suppliers.

Moreover, the NDIA portal submits claims for funding from the appropriate budget categories. Upon request from a client, they are also obligated to send monthly reports that include the current budget balances remaining and where money has been spent.

Whats makes Oyster Care the best choice for you?

Always Speak to a Real Person

Whether it’s providing in-home aged and dementia care, or disability support, we’re a caring network of real people, taking the time to listen.

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Specialists in Support For High Needs

 Each of our Support Workers and every member of our clinical team has been carefully selected to give you confidence.

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Younger Onset Dementia Specialists

Personalised dementia support that promotes independence, helping you stay in your own home, where memory and recall is strongest.

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A Team of Passionate Support Coordinators

The NDIS is a federal government scheme that delivers disability support to Australians. It's a great scheme but there's no doubt that it can be difficult.

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Art Music and Pet Theraphy

A powerful mix of psychology and creativity, creative therapies help improve physical, mental and emotional wellbeing, offering new ways to connect.

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We Carter to 40+ Language

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The Three Ways Your Plan Can Be Managed Are:

When you use an NDIS plan manager, they are responsible for paying invoices from your service providers. A plan manager also is responsible for providing you with information to enable you to manage your plan effectively, such as monthly spending statements.

Plan Manager: They pay your providers and give you reports, so you have more control but less paperwork.

Self-Managed: You pay your providers and handle paperwork yourself, giving you the most freedom but also the most responsibility.

Agency Managed: You choose providers from a registered list and the NDIA pays them directly, offering less choice but less work for you.

Are you looking for a new NDIS provider?

Frequently asked question (FAQ’s)

At OysterCare, we feel that no one should be left behind. We achieve this by investing in our plan managers and by empowering you to obtain you goals & objectives through specialised programs, training, and customized supports. Our plan manager providers for NDIS will support and journey with your towards finding your pearl.

What does a plan manager do and what is plan management?


One of the three options for managing your NDIS funds is having a plan manager (the other two options are to self-manage or have your funding managed by the NDIA). Consider plan managers to be your own NDIS fund accountant. An NDIS registered plan management provider,  such as OysterCare, must register with the NDIS. On your behalf, they handle the administrative duties of your NDIS plan, process invoices, and submit claims.


Meanwhile, you don’t pay anything more to have a plan management providers on your support team. All that is required to have a plan manager is for plan management to be covered by your NDIS budget.


Since your plan funding is being managed by your plan manager, you may enjoy life and concentrate on what matters to you. The key responsibilities of NDIS managers of your plan are the following:


  • Obtain invoices either from a provider or the participant directly.
  • Withdraw funds from the NDIS Portal.
  • Pay bills within the set time limit.
  • Make sure that, in accordance with NDIS specifications, providers are issuing NDIS invoicing with the right information.
  • Ensure proper NDIS financial plan management.
  • Send the participant a monthly report with a breakdown of the remaining funds overall and for each support category, along with a spending summary.
  • Organize service contracts with providers.
  • Consider many options or scenarios for budgeting.
  • Develop your self-management and financial literacy skills.
  • Assist you in gathering information for your plan review.
  • Assist you in utilizing your plan as designed and maximizing its benefits.

During your NDIS Plan or Plan Review meeting, your NDIA Planner may inquire about how you intend to handle your NDIS funding. 


Additionally, you might have determined prior to your meeting that you want funding for NDIS plan management services. In this case, you should be ready to inform your NDIS planner or Local Area Coordinator as they will provide you with guide and an NDIS budget template.


To put simply, Plan Management is an option for all of your NDIS fund or just a portion of it. (Self-Managed and NDIA Managed are additional options.) Your budget for assistive technology, for instance, might be NDIA Managed.


It’s unusual to realise that the budget you allotted for Plan Management either too much or too little as a result of changing circumstances. You can ask for a Light Touch Review if you want to manage more (or less) of your budget plan in between review meetings.


Additionally, you are able to switch and find the best NDIS plan manager at any time without consulting the NDIS. Just make sure you understand the notice criteria in your service agreement with your existing provider, let them know you intend to switch, and move forward.

This is dependent on your circumstances, personality, and availability.


During your planning meeting, your early childhood partner, LAC, or NDIA planner will inquire about your preferred method of handling your NDIS funding. They will assist you in determining the appropriate financial management strategy for your requirements and situation.


Plan managed: When a participant decides to hire a plan management provider to help them manage their NDIS plan finances, this is referred to as plan managed. Plan management companies may buy assistance from recognized or unregistered suppliers on behalf of participants. Funds from the NDIA will be given to a plan manager, who will then distribute them to companies who provided additional services on a participant’s behalf.


Self-managed: This refers to the management of NDIS plan money by a participant (or their plan nominee). For the NDIS supports obtained, the NDIS will pay a participant or their plan nominee directly.


Agency managed: This refers to a participant who elects to have their NDIS funds administered by the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA). On behalf of a participant, the NDIA will directly pay NDIS IT managed service providers of pertinent services.

Both NDIS plan management and NDIS support coordination services assist individuals in implementing their NDIS plans and initiate care for plan management, but they do so in various ways.


An ideal plan manager can create a specialised plan management and help you with the financial aspect of your plan, whilst a Support Coordinator can assist with managing your supports and providers. This is the primary distinction between an NDIS Plan Manager and Support Coordinator.


Plan Manager


An effective plan manager will:


  • Get your NDIS provider payment request and pay them
  • Claim funds from the NDIA
  • Manage NDIS funding and NDIS payment
  • Send out statements each month on your NDIS managed services expenditures and care plan management

Support Coordinator


The purpose of a support coordinator, on the other hand, is to help you use your plan to accomplish your objectives, live more independently, develop your abilities, and participate in your community and workplace.


A reliable support coordinator will:


  • Link you to community, mainstream, and other government services to assist you in understanding and implementing your NDIS plan
  • Negotiate service charges and fees with NDIS managed service provider
  • Make sure service agreements and reservations are completed
  • Aid in developing your capacity for choice and control

Pay for plan managers comes from an exclusive fund set aside for ideal plan management. This budget for capacity building is added to your NDIS plan. These funds are independent financial administrative supports that are not part of the current plan assist or support budgets and cannot be utilised in any other way.

What’s your Focus?

At Oyster Care, we understand the importance of personalized support assistance for individuals navigating the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). Our dedicated team is committed to providing and compassionate care and tailored services to empower individuals .

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