The Oyster Care Adventure

At Oyster Care, we believe life is an adventure waiting to be explored! We’re passionate about creating enriching experiences that go beyond just care. We want you to feel empowered, connected, and brimming with joy, all while discovering new skills and fostering a deep connection with nature.

The Oyster Care Adventure is all about

  • Building meaningful connections: Expand your social circle, form lasting friendships, and feel the warmth of belonging through our fun group activities.
  • Unlocking your potential: Learn new skills, rediscover hidden talents, and experience the thrill of accomplishment with our engaging programs.
  • Becoming part of something bigger: Immerse yourself in the vibrant community spirit, connect with like-minded individuals, and build a strong support network.
  • Embracing the great outdoors: Breathe in the fresh air, feel the sun on your skin, and reconnect with the beauty of nature through our exciting outdoor adventures.

Comprehensive support services tailored to your needs

The Oyster Care Adventures

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Plan Management

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Support Coordination

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Childers Services

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Social & Community Participation

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Allied Health

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Support Employment

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Cultural Activities

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Dive into a World of Experiences

Oyster Care Adventure Therapy caters to a variety of interests and abilities, offering a range of exciting day trips to captivating locations.

  • Wisemans Ferry
  • Cattai
  • Windsor
  • Nepean
  • Lake Iyell
  • Cax River
  • Blue Mountains

Whats makes Oystercare the best choice for you?

Always Speak to a Real Person

Whether it’s providing in-home aged and dementia care, or disability support, we’re a caring network of real people, taking the time to listen.

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Specialists in Support For High Needs

 Each of our Support Workers and every member of our clinical team has been carefully selected to give you confidence.

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Younger Onset Dementia Specialists

Personalised dementia support that promotes independence, helping you stay in your own home, where memory and recall is strongest.

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A Team of Passionate Support Coordinators

The NDIS is a federal government scheme that delivers disability support to Australians. It's a great scheme but there's no doubt that it can be difficult.

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Art Music and Pet Theraphy

A powerful mix of psychology and creativity, creative therapies help improve physical, mental and emotional wellbeing, offering new ways to connect.

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We Carter to 40+ Language

our Support Workers speak 40 languages combined, so there is a good chance we speak yours too. Don't see your language on the list?

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Unleash Your Inner Explorer with our Day Programs

Whether you’re seeking new experiences or eager to continue your favorite activities, Oyster Care is here to help! We’ll tailor a program perfectly suited to your interests and hobbies, ensuring you have a blast while engaging with your local community.

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Frequently asked question (FAQ’s)

Oyster Care is committed to providing exceptional support and assistance to individuals with disabilities, empowering them to lead fulfilling and independent lives. Our comprehensive range of services includes The oyster Care Aventure.

The Oyster Care Adventure is a program designed to create enriching experiences for people with disabilities. We focus on building connections, unlocking potential, fostering a love for nature, and providing opportunities for fun and exploration.

We offer a wide variety of activities, including:

  • Day Trips: Explore exciting locations like Wisemans Ferry, Cattai, and the Blue Mountains. We have camping/glamping tours, off-road adventures, hikes, and more!
  • Day Programs: Choose from activities like arts & crafts, pampering sessions, ten-pin bowling, cooking classes, book clubs, movie nights, and sports festivals.
  • Social Activities: Enjoy outings to restaurants, learn how to navigate public transport, and participate in sports like swimming, golfing, basketball, soccer, and wheelchair soccer.

Our adventures are designed using Kolb's experiential learning cycle, which means you'll not only have fun, but also gain valuable knowledge and personal growth.


Absolutely! We offer a variety of activities and will work with you to create a program that perfectly suits your preferences and abilities.

Our staff is trained and experienced in supporting people with disabilities. We'll ensure you have a safe and enjoyable experience.

What’s your Focus?

At Oyster Care, we understand the importance of personalized support assistance for individuals navigating the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). Our dedicated team is committed to providing and compassionate care and tailored services to empower individuals .

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