Tailored NDIS Support Services with Oyster Care

We believe in creating a community where everyone feels valued and included. That's why we offer tailored NDIS disability support designed specifically for YOU. More than just services, it's a feeling of belonging.

Maximising your NDIS Plan unlocking your full potential.

Tailored Disability Services

Get the support you need focusing on your specific goals and preferences.

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Find Your Perfect Support

Explore tailored disability services to empower your life.

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Community Programs & Impact

Work with community to deliver services across regional and metro areas

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Join Oyster Care's Team

Together, let's achieve your goals. Become part of the Oyster Care Team.

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How We Empower Our Participants through Voice

Helping people with disabilities thrive is our passion. Our dedicated team at Oyster Care understands the complexities of navigating the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and aged care services. We go beyond just providing support – we empower you to achieve your goals and live a fulfilling life.

We’re all about creating positive change

Clayton Builds Skills for a Good Life

“Clayton loves to learn. An example is his excitement towards learning the names of all the capital cities in the middle east. He is inquisitive and enjoys learning how things work, like engines. His curiosity extends to fishing, helping his mum at home, and spending time at his day program.“

Christian's Swinging Triumph

“Christian loved swings but his disability made them tricky. Oyster Care therapists helped him swing independently, boosting his confidence and showing him anything is possible.”

Key Worker Model Supports Cody

“Cody, full of energy, struggled to express himself. Oystercare’s Key Worker, Sarah, helped him communicate with apps, signs, and gestures. Therapist CJ made playtime learning time, improving Cody’s hand skills and schoolwork. With Sarah and CJ’s support, Cody found his voice, made friends, and thrived! Oystercare, like Clayton who loves learning capitals, empowers kids with a little extra help to shine!”

The Oystercare and PHM Health Manager

“Amelia has a disability and needs lots of therapy. Before Oyster Care and PHM Health teamed up, scheduling appointments was a mess. Now, Oyster Care coordinates everything and works with PHM Health’s therapists. This makes life easier for Amelia’s family and helps her with therapy and daily activities. It’s like having a super team in your corner, just like Clayton who loves learning everything! Together, Oyster Care and PHM Health empower kids with disabilities to reach their full potential.”

Comprehensive support services tailored to your needs.

The Oyster Care Adventures

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Plan Management

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Support Coordination

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Children Services

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Social & Community Participation

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Allied Health

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Support Employment

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Cultural Activities

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How Oyster Care Supports You

Finding the Perfect Support

Struggling to identify the right support can be frustrating. But worry no more! Oyster Care streamlines your search. Whether you need mental health resources, assistance for seniors, or tailored support – we help you find the perfect fit.

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Disability Housing and Accommodation

Oyster Care can offer the perfect disability housing and accommodation for you. Our accessible, purpose-built housing empowers individuals with high support needs to live independently with dignity.

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Oyster Care NDIS Plan Management

At Oyster Care, we have a team of committed NDIS plan management providers who care about your needs and preferences, you’ll have more time and energy to spend on essential things.

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Looking for a new NDIS Provider

We understand that finding the right NDIS provider is crucial. Oyster Care offers a seamless transition process, ensuring your support continues uninterrupted.

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Your trusted partner in care and support NDIS services

One of the wonderful aspects of the NDIS is that it gives you control over the support you receive by allowing you to select your own providers.

How Oyster Care Works across locations throughout Australia

At Oyster Care, we understand that NDIS plans should be as unique as the people they support. That’s why we deliver person-centered planning across locations throughout Australia. Our experienced team works closely with you and your support network to ensure your NDIS plan aligns perfectly with your goals, regardless of where you live in Australia.

Support Coordination

Our dedicated support coordinators will connect you with the right providers and ensure your plan runs smoothly.

Daily Living Support

Our support helps you manage daily tasks, empowering you to pursue your passions.

Therapeutic Support

Our team will link you with experienced therapists who empower you to reach your goals.

Oyster Care Strategic Plan

Oyster Care believes communities thrive when individuals are empowered. Our strategic plan targets underprivileged individuals, offering skills training and opportunities for personal growth. We prioritize NSW communities, with a focus on reconciliation, closing the gaps for First Nations Australians, and aligning with UN Sustainable Development Goals for health, education, economic growth, and reducing inequalities.

What does the Plan  Include:

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What’s your Focus?

At Oyster Care, we understand the importance of personalised support assistance for individuals navigating the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). Our dedicated team is committed to providing compassionate care and tailored services to empower individuals.

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