Finding Independence: How the NDIS Empowered Ben

For Amelia Parker, a mother in Maplewood, all she ever wanted was for her son, Alex, to have a chance to thrive.The introduction of the NDIS program in their region in May 2018 marked a turning point for Alex. “It’s like he finally came alive,” Amelia beams. “He enjoys interacting with his support workers and meeting new people.”Before the program, Alex received no support,” Amelia explains. “The NDIS has opened doors for him, providing assistance with community access, mobility, and funding for personalized skill development and training.””His support workers often communicate with him via text message, which is fantastic because Alex has started texting too! He’s acquiring new skills, and his confidence is soaring.””It’s a remarkable transformation,” Amelia continues. “For the first time, Alex shows interest in personal responsibility and punctuality. He’s eager to get out and experience things, a stark contrast to his previous reclusiveness.””We previously struggled to find someone to help Alex with personal hygiene,” Amelia shares. “But then he declared, ‘I can do that! I don’t need a support worker.’ Honestly, I never thought I’d hear those words!”I hope Alex continues to build trust in his surroundings,” Amelia adds. “His support needs will evolve as he does.”World Autism Awareness Week (April 1st-7th) highlights the importance of full participation for people with autism. The goal is to ensure they have the necessary support to exercise their rights and freedoms.

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