Alex Finds His Calling with Oyster Care Support Employment

Alex had a passion for working with animals, ever since he was a child. But navigating the traditional job market with his disability proved daunting. The interview process felt overwhelming, and the lack of understanding about his needs discouraged him.


One day, Alex learned about Oyster Care’s Support Employment program. He met Ken, his dedicated employment consultant, who took the time to understand Alex’s skills, interests, and any challenges he faced. Unlike previous experiences, Ken focused on Alex’s strengths – his meticulous nature, genuine love for animals, and calm demeanor.


Together, they explored various job options in the animal care field. Ken identified a local pet sitting service looking for a reliable and caring individual.  He then partnered with the employer, educating them about Alex’s abilities and the support Oyster Care could provide. This open communication ensured a comfortable working environment for Alex.


With Ken’s guidance, Alex practiced interview skills, building his confidence. He learned strategies to manage his anxiety and highlight his strengths. On the interview day, Alex impressed the potential employer with his knowledge of animal care and his enthusiasm for the role.


He got the job! Ken continued to support Alex during his initial training period, ensuring a smooth transition. He helped bridge the gap between Alex and his employer, providing on-the-job coaching and advocating for any necessary accommodations.


Today, Alex thrives in his role. He enjoys building relationships with the pets he cares for, and his confidence has grown immensely.  He’s a valued member of the team, and his employer appreciates his dedication and attention to detail.



Alex’s story is a testament to the power of Oyster Care’s Support Employment program. By providing tailored support and bridging the gap between individuals with disabilities and employers, Oyster Care help

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